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My wife and I just finished watching 3 seasons of Black Mirror and I have to say it is a great show to watch especially the first and second series. Black Mirror is somewhat a sci-fi episodic show that tackles technology through a somewhat dystopian looking glass and takes you in an emotional rollercoaster.

Creator's Notes

So My wife and I watched the whole series so I'll just give my two cents on some episodes. In "Nosedive", being a fan of the show 'Community', it was somewhat similar to an episode from their last season where they rate every student from 5 to 1. In 'San Junipero', I know it's way off but I can compare it to an episode of 'Futurama' where the Professor visits his parents in the Near-Death Star where they are hooked up in a virtual world, and also the episode "Be Right Back" where I was somehow reminded by a 'Futurama' episode entitled 'Rebirth' where Leela dies and Fry made a replica of her from a robot and old footages of her as her memory. So the one episode that really got me was "White Bear." I mean, when you watch it, it would feel like you're getting to see what's behind the curtain up until the final part. But once the credits rolled in, it was so much better and gave the whole episode that perfect circle. I highly recommend watching the show even though it gives you a slight feeling of dread now that technology is slowly taking over our everyday life.

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