Rogue Cops: A Drug Wars Story

Just about to complete a weekly series for TL:DW (Too long, didn't watch). First up is "Tokhang-For-Ransom" and "Rogue Cops."

By Acasia Designs

Just about to complete a weekly series for TL:DW (Too long, didn't watch) As I take on what's happening in the news and give my thoughts on it. First up, we have the "Tokhang-Ransom" where cops are said to be conducting kidnap-then-kill a rich Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo in the guise of oplan tokhang.

Statement: Ricky Sta Isabel lead the group who kidnapped Mr. Joo then asked of millions for his ransom only to kill the korean national and cremated in a funeral parlor owned by a former police Gerardo Santiago. Sta Isabel had stated that he was being pinned for the murder as he did not cooperate with his officer's wishes to keep silent. So a lot of back and forth but that much covers it up. PNP pushes Sta Isabel as the perpetrator and Sta Isabel swears it was other groups in the PNP namely Supt. Raphael Dumlao who had framed him(Note that there was a recording of Dumlao not yet released by Sta Isabel's wife where it's contents are not yet stated)

It was about a 4 hour long blame game, where everyone is pointing fingers as their chain of command goes down the drain. 'Much like Mayor Espinosa's Death'. As far as I can tell from watching the hearing, Sen. Lacson truly is the right guy to spearhead the commitee, being a former PNP Chief himself, so he probably has some ideas about corruption going on.

So I'm just going to state what's obvious to everyone that was watching, Pro-Administration or not, that because Oplang Tokhang was greenlit, corrupt cops can now search/kidnap/kill "suspected drug personalities" in the guise of it being a 'tokhang'. We live in constant fear of being targeted or even mistaken that is why we constantly second guess the direction the PNP is moving; towards a lawless state under the guise of the law. Every man for himself.

Twist Ending, Sen. Panfilo Lacson shows a video of 'rogue cops' planting evidence before a raid and greatly summarizes the thoughts of the Filipino People,

"The police must earn the right to get respect and not demand it."

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