Aquapunk fiction with invaders from above and below the surface

In an alternate future where global superpowers have thrown the world's balance by way of nuclear conflict, food and resources have become scarce due to the ensuing fallout, and nations crumbling towards disorder and collapse, one country held it's ground and rose to prominence. With the discovery of a new and highly volatile power source "Amanium", named after the mytholigical titan of the orient ocean, only found underneath the trenches of the West Philippine Sea, all eyes were on the small island nation who continued to prosper amidst global chaos. And with this new found technological strength, the Philippines quickly became a dominant figure in the world stage. Fleets of mechanical submersibles, powered by their precious Amanium Cores, safeguard the nation's territory, laying claim and sovereignity over its one defining natural resource.


The New Republic and Amanium Cores

Armed with the latest in Amanium-based Technology, the Philippines have made it clear to all that the West Sea was theirs. A nationwide draft, initiated by the newly established Republic, quickly filled the needed manpower to protect and serve the country, as it was now a prime target for other global powers. With a renewed sense of purpose, the citizens have united and prospered under the banner of the New Republic. While other countries fought to stay alive in the aftermath of the harsh nuclear fallout, the New Republic of the Philippines paved a way for its citizens to live a purposeful life. Hunger was eradicated, terrorism had vanished, and civil strife was slowly fading.

Amanium Cores were discovered by Visayan Fishermen from Samar's Eastern District who had ventured deep under the ocean floor in search of vital resource even with the threat of foreign settlers surrounding their area. Amanium Cores are glowing crystal-like materials found underneath the West Philippine Sea. One kilogram of pure Amanium Core countains a source of energy that is non-pollutant and has enough potency to power a 50,000 horsepower submersible for 30 days.

Though the discovery of Amanium had led the country to great prosperity, it must now face the ever growing peril of an invasion against hostile powers trying to take the rare resource for their own. The New Republic had laid it's foundation on creating a unified and peacful country, but at the cost of an ever growing fear of global retalliation. With the help of the newly established West Sea Defense Division, the country had successfuly made use of it's wartime propaganda and recruitment tactics to draft nearly a million recruits for it's cause. Stories of exploits and adventures in the West Sea circulated in the media, commercialized for public consumption, uniting the people in their collective fascination of the treasures lurking beneath the ocean's deep realm.


The Hero of the West Sea... and also Arman

Our story begins with a young man named Armando Bruno being drafted to the New Republic's 24th Aseatic Defense Division and starting his journey as one of 10,000 trainees in the floating fortress known simply as the "Buhawi", a massive, metallic citadel just a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Manila Bay. While a visit from Admiral Isagani Amihan, Hero of the 1st West Sea War, proved to be a boost of moral to the training nautical soldiers, disaster struck as an unexpected attack from the Crimson Legion toppled the fortress Buhawi and left the aquanauts in disarray. Surviving the onslaught, Arman Bruno, along with his fellow trainees Marcus and Dara, carried the wounded Admiral while escaping in a Amanium-powered submersible. They must now find a way to make contact with the others and unravel the plot of conspiracy and deceit as a traitor inside the government was working against the New Republic.



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